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A roguelike dungeon crawler boardgame for 1-6 players

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A new dungeon every time!

Designed from ground up as a roguelike dungeon crawler. Randomized dungeon designs, monster encounters and loot. 50 5x5-inch room tiles, 480 loot cards including weapons, magic spells, armor and traps. 160 monster cards including 19 monster-types and 50 modificators to create stronger, faster or otherwise outstanding monsters.

Random dungeon

Cooperative role playing boardgame - NO need for a gamemaster!

1-6 friends play together against the game. No gamemaster needed, but features known from RPGs are included. Characters can improve over time: Gain experience that can almost instantly be used for better gear within the same scenario.


Single Scenarios or larger campaigns supported

Either start a single scenario from scratch for one evening full of fun - perfect for beginners and casual players. Or use one of the bigger campaigns with multiple scenarios and a larger backstory (2 campaigns included), where your created characters will be used eight or more evenings. Game time for one scenario is approx. 120-240 minutes - depending on the number of players and the chosen scenario.

Character sheets

Get started quickly and stay involved the whole time

To prepare a scenario, simply select the mentioned room tiles, choose or quickly create a character, read the scenario's rules and you are ready to rumble. The rest will happen while you play! There are no tedious rounds and long waiting periods between player turns. Because the system is based on initiative points. That means, it's your turn (almost) all the time!

Card Samples
Game in progress

Funded - Available soon! Buy the Print and Play now!

New box render
The Kickstarter is funded with all stretch goals unlocked:
A new cover image, a box of 30x30x14 cm and 4.5 kg, 4 campaigns and 20 single scenarios as well as Door- and Room-Events included! Late Pledge on Gamefound is closed for now, but there will soon be other options.

Buy the Print and Play version right now.
Additional copies of the game will soon be available for pre-order from the UK (shipping from GamesQuest).
And for anyone waiting for more - we are planning a re-print campaign on Gamefound within 2024, including German and English. And maybe a bit more!

See the Youtube playlists for Reviews and HowTo play videos.

Dungeons of Doria has gone through years of local testing including many public RPG- and Boardgame-conventions. You can test it yourself on Tabletop Simulator and Tabletopia (you can book a session with the designer by contacting us below). Subscribe to the newsletter to get additional infos!

Help making the game better by participating on BoardGameGeek or the Facebook Group Explore the Dungeons of Doria.

See the following blog articles that explain some of the features included in Dungeons of Doria:

  • Prototype unboxing: Overview of all components
  • Features Part 1: The modular dungeon
  • Features Part 2: Time is precious - the initiative system
  • Features Part 3: Random monsters
  • Features Part 4: Characters - Unique and still the same

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